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Can an Apple a Day Help Keep Cancer Away?

Posted by Geoff Beaty on 30 July 2021
Can an Apple a Day Help Keep Cancer Away?
Over the years, many have questioned the validity of this well-known statement. Can one piece of fruit be the key to keeping healthy and well? While the debate may never truly be settled, researchers from the University of Perugia (Italy) found that people who frequently eat fruit often have fewer tumours. Apples are one of the fruits that boast a large amount of dietary fibre and polyphenol compounds that partner with gut microbes to create an environment that may reduce one's risk o...
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The Ultimate Bone Broth

Posted by Geoff Beaty on 20 July 2021
The Ultimate Bone Broth
So, what is bone broth?
Here's the highlights: Make the soup from bones, such as beef, poultry or fish.
Cook it over a long period of time, 12-48 hours.
Flavor the soup with vegetables and fresh herbs for added nutrients and taste.
After cooking, strain the liquid broth and store in the fridge or freezer. Then, consume the broth as a warm beverage, a base to cook legumes and grains or for a favorite soup or stew.
It's super easy to make, especially when using the carcass of the ...
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Amazing Amla

Posted on 10 July 2021
Amazing Amla
Amla is the most revered medicinal berry in India, being used for myriad health issues and diseases for thousands of years. It is the foundation ingredient in Chyavanaprasha, the traditional Indian jam which is a potent antioxidant mixture aiding digestion and excretion, and rejuvenation. There is a deep spiritual connection with this fruit and its medicinal compounds, as it is thought to have been the first tree to grow on Earth, springing from Brahma's tears whilst he was meditating. ...
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Obesity, Physical Activity, and Nutrition: Age calculator shows us failing test of time

Posted by Geoff Beaty on 21 June 2021
Obesity, Physical Activity, and Nutrition: Age calculator shows us failing test of time
Insurer AIA has developed The Vitality Age Calculator aiming to prompt people to consider taking small steps to improve their health and wellbeing. The calculator asks participants a range of questions about their exercise, diet, smoking, and alcohol consumption. It then produces a 'health and wellbeing' age to be compared against the participants chronological age. Gen X was the worst performing generation, while Millennials had the best BMI and drank the least alcohol making the...
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Unbelievable Beet Burger!

Posted by Geoff Beaty on 20 June 2021
Unbelievable Beet Burger!
This gluten and dairy-free vegetarian version accompanied by pickled red onion won't disappoint. It's filled with nutrient-dense beets rich in phytochemicals, dietary nitrates that help lower blood pressure, and vital minerals such as potassium, sodium, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, and manganese. Combine that with cauliflower and chickpeas to bring in some plant-based protein and you have a nourishing meal. The secret to this burger's subtly umami fla...
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