Vitawell® Customised Nutrition Plan

The Vitawell program continues to help cancer patients regaining their muscle mass, vitality, and optimal weight.

It is common to experience a loss of appetite, taste changes, or other symptoms that make eating through cancer treatment difficult or less desirable. At the same time, your metabolism may be more "revved up", and your body may require more calories than usual to maintain your weight. It's easy to see why you may be losing weight when you want to eat less, but your body requires more. Weight loss becomes involuntary.

Unintentional weight loss, progressive muscle wasting, and a loss of appetite are common issues.  In addition to weight loss and muscle wasting, symptoms usually include lower quality of life and metabolic derangement.

We carefully examine a combination of body mass index, lean muscle mass, and blood tests. Since weight loss is often present even before weight loss occurs, it is essential to recognise the condition as soon as possible.

We have developed a safe weight gain program to understand that weight loss is more than just a lack of calories in the body. Our program, for example, extends to include one type of omega-3-fatty acid (fish oil), selected anti-inflammatories and specific 'warming herbs'.

Sudden and significant weight loss not only worsens survival for people with cancer, but it interferes with quality of life. A tailored diet can help patients to tolerate cancer treatments better. For those who have surgery, postoperative complications are more common. Sudden weight loss can worsen cancer fatigue, one of the most annoying symptoms of cancer.

Maintaining a healthy weight improves cancer survivorship and quality of life.

If you want to know more about the importance of keeping a healthy weight, please see here the link to a short YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJyDXyhO7xE

Please get in touch with us today and start your program to regaining optimal health.


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