Metabolic Balance® Weight Loss

Reclaim your health and lose weight with Metabolic Balance®

Manuela is one of the few practitioners offering the internationally recognised Metabolic Balance® program.

This program is for you if you want to: 

lose weight and keep it off

reset your metabolism

a personalised nutrition plan suited to your unique metabolism

Metabolic Balance® developed in Germany, is a weight loss program based on over 25 years of scientific research and is recognised in over 30 countries worldwide. The program does not use meal replacements, but a wholefood approach to healthy eating as nature intended. With correction of your metabolism, you may experience:

Improved energy and vitality

Good quality sleep 

Diminished cravings for sweet or sugary foods

Fewer headaches

Better digestion

Reduced pain and inflammation 

Your plan will be individualised to you based on your blood chemistry, body measurements and food choices. 

It is a natural solution for any one suffering from metabolic or hormone dysfunction such as diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, menopausal symptoms, weight issues, high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

Metabolic Balance® Package

The complete package provides you with: 

Your personalised nutrition plan & shopping list

7 x consultations 


Before, during and after photos

Weigh in, measurements and tools to keep you motivated

Regular check in emails between consults to keep you on track

Note: Blood tests are an additional cost of $ 175.00 with ACL and are not included with this package, however a letter can be sent to your GP to request the tests required for MB to generate your plan.

Metabolic Balance® is a recognised weight management program whereby members may be eligible for a rebate. 

Pay-as-you go plans are available



The following health funds provide rebates for Nutritionist Services (depending on individual level of extras cover).  

  • AHM (Australian Health Management)
  • Australian Unity
  • CBHS 
  • CUA
  • GU Health
  • HBF
  • Medibank Private
  • MDHF
  • NIB
  • Queensland Country Health
  • Westfund
  • BUPA provides rebates for the Metabolic Balance Program (BUPA doesn't provide rebates for other nutrition consultations). 

Please note: All Health Fund claims must be made manually, no HICAPs is available.   A health fund compliant receipt will be provided to all eligible clients.

Metabolic Balance Wellness Program                                         $1345

Personalised Nutrition Program with 7 consultations included.

Please Note: Blood tests are an additional cost of $ 175.00 with ACL and are not included with this package, however a letter can be sent to your GP to request all the tests required for Metabolic Balance to generate your plan.

(Payment Plans Available - Private Health Insurance may also be applicable depending on individual cover).


  • The Institute for Functional Medicine
  • Society for Integrative Oncology
  • Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia
  • Australian Traditional-Medicine Society
  • British Naturopathic Association