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At one stage my mates noticed I dropped weight quite quickly. I was putting it down to the fact that I was doing a lot more physical work than usual. This one particular day I was in the middle of what I would call an extremely easy task, then suddenly I was crippled with a massive stabbing pain. It eventually eased a little that day but was still lingering the following day. I saw a GP, and I was then having 1-2 tests a week for a few weeks. As time went on, I struggled to walk short distances, running out of breath. Further test results indicated a form of liver cancer requiring immediate surgery for removal. The biopsy results indicated a highly aggressive form of cancer. I'm a non smoker/drinker. It was about the size of a tennis ball, yet the pain was initially elsewhere. 

After surgery, I recalled a family member highly recommending someone when they had their own health issues. That someone was Manuela. A mate drove me there and we listened to what she had to say. I trusted my gut instinct and started with her recommendation on her health care plan designed for me, including supplements. Manuela continues to be a very important part of my team to recovery. 

That same family member also highly recommended an Oncologist on the Sunshine Coast. Not one to take notice of prognosis time frames, I did actually ask the question. It wasn't that flash (6 months without treatment). To be honest, I thought that was a pretty good prognosis compared to how quickly I was declining, but STILL never letting the time frame be end all news for me, I just get in and ya do what ya gotta do. Before you could say Peter Rabbit, I was receiving treatment. Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy. 

After the tumour was cut out, I changed my mindset to "do what I need to do, to prevent it (cancer) from getting worse/spreading". I still apply this mindset today. If you think "battle/battle of your life", or "fight" type mindset, you automatically put that added pressure onto yourself. You need to remain as calm as you can. In saying that, treatment and my health side is a walk in the park, compared to the other extreme personal challenges I've had to deal with. They call it "character building" apparently. Way more things than anyone should EVER have to go through, let alone health issues. But you get back up, you dust yourself off time and time, and time, and time, and time again, and you get back on the horse, because you just keep going forward, no matter what. You get in and do what ya gotta do. Trust your gut instinct and give it a red hot go. Don't quit all because you got a log in your way. Go around it, over it, under it. Find a way. Keep thinking of your dreams and goals. Have at least one thing to keep driving for. There's always hope while there's life. It's too darn easy for people to give up on things because it's "too hard". No matter how difficult something is, you take at least one positive out of each and every day, and put one foot in front of the other.

I am so darn thankful to each and every person in my life, especially my team around me. Supportive friends and family, but also my medical team, as well as Manuela. I feel that by embracing what she has to offer with the supplements and pointing me in a direction with certain foods has been a big deal in my eyes. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

I believe that my current accelerated recovery from ill health has provided me additional longevity and the opportunity to continue to chase my dreams and goals in life. Thankyou to everyone.


‘I was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer in January of 2023, the cancer had metastasised to my liver. Im an otherwise young, 42 year old, fit and active guy where I was exercising regularly and at the gym 3 times a week. Im also a proud dad of two young boys. 

As you can imagine, my world was flipped upside down since when I learnt of my diagnosis and I was incredibly scared ! 

Almost immediately after learning I had cancer, I was fortunate enough to be put on to Manuela and I reached out to her for help. This was the best thing I did ! A complete change of diet was implemented as well as me taking Manuela’s daily supplements, coupled with chemo has helped me produce some incredible results!

In the 6 months that Manuela had been working with me, I have since seen my liver markers either drop back to within normal range or dramatically improve. Furthermore, the tumour in my Pancreas has decreased in size. 

Whilst I still have some work to do, I know I would not be where I am if not for Manuela’s expertise, guidance and care.

She is an absolute superstar, very knowledgeable and a wonderful human. 

Pancreatic Cancer is one of the more scary ones yes, however there is hope and positive results can be achieved.

I Highly recommend Manuela.

Keep Fighting 


I was diagnosed with mesothelioma at 29 and was sent from hospital to hospital, waiting for a diagnosis and how to proceed. Instead, my husband and I decided to take matters into our hands and found Vitawell. Complementary medicine has helped me in so many ways. I have been able to tolerate treatment with minimal side effects. I feel it has healed me in so many more ways than one. My Mind, body & soul are one. With the guidance I had from the professionals at Vitawell, I was able to go through this journey with so much more confidence and regain my health. I live in the United States and have yet to find anything remotely close to Vitawell. I’m celebrating 32 this year, and I feel better than I ever have, thanks to CAM.        Gabriela (USA)

In October 2022 the lives of my husband and I changed with some news that we never expected.  After 2 weeks of incessant headaches and vomiting, my husband ended up having an MRI scan which detected a tumour, less than 1 week later he had surgery to remove a 4x6 cm tumour which after biopsy was found to be a glioblastoma.  

The staff at the hospital were all very black and white about the prognosis and no cure for this cancer.  This sent me into a bout of depression and complete loss of faith in any recovery.

We went through the standard care post-surgery, 30 sessions of radiotherapy and 6 weeks of low dose chemo. This finished just before Christmas 2022.

Early in the new year my husband had a seizure which landed him back in hospital.  Emerged that post radiotherapy MRI detected some tumour progression.  Post seizure he had balance issues and some tremors which we also think that is caused by still taking the steroids to help with swelling.

We got in touch with Manuela as she has an excellent reputation and has been highly recommended by many people to assist with Naturopathic Oncology support.

She met with us and explained that this is something that we can manage.  She helped us with supplements, lifestyle changes, diet changes to assist with my husband's ongoing care.  He is currently receiving immunotherapy/ Avastin infusions which has helped with the swelling and ultimately to assist in depleting a blood supply to the tumour with the hope that the tumours will shrink.   He has come a long way. His tremors and balance are improving, being on the strict keto diet has really helped him and the range of advice, supplements and counselling from Manuela has helped him on his journey to recovery.  She has given us hope and is so kind, considerate and always makes time for us.

She has worked with so many cancer patients and has indicated that there is hope when you look at a more holistic and integrated approach to medicine.

We will continue to work with Manuela as my husband progresses through his chemo and infusions.  For me, Manuela is the most integral part of my husband's treatment plan.  I don't think that I could have come this far without her.

She knows so much about cancer, alternative treatments, using pharmaceuticals to compliment standard treatment care for cancer to get a better result.  She has an amazing bedside manner and gives people inspiration and hope.

I cannot believe the improvement in my husband since we have been seeing Manuela, he is weaning off the steroids, losing weight, regaining balance and no more headaches, things don't seem as bad anymore.  Thank you so much Manuela.


Manuela Boyle has played an integral role in my treatment plan for recurring breast cancer. Not only is her compassionate, kind and nurturing manner a godsend during difficult times, but her non-invasive approach means that I have peace of mind at every step in my healing journey. Her deep knowledge of alternative and conventional treatments makes her an invaluable member of my treatment team. At all times, I have felt firmly supported and encouraged in my choices. Most importantly, she gave me my power back at a time when my world had spiralled out of control. Endowing me with purpose and power has meant that I can confidently integrate conventional and alternative medicines. Manuela has prescribed supplements and herbs to support my body throughout treatment and her responsiveness to my needs and flexibility with my treatment plan, has lent me boundless energy and restorative sleep. Because of Manuela's constant care for me, I have been able to maintain a positive outlook on my future and know that I am well on the way to healing. I can't thank Manuela enough for her constant care and authentic interest in my wellbeing.  Livia

When you receive a diagnosis of cancer you have to remain strong and do everything you can to fight it. This is how I found Manuela.  She was recommended to me by another Naturopath who felt she had the expertise I needed. I am receiving chemotherapy to treat inoperable metastatic cholangiocarcinoma, and am being supported by Manuela with a personalised supplement program and dietary guidance.  Manuela is such a positive and knowledgeable practitioner. I am doing well and my doctor is amazed at my progress and wellbeing.  I credit this to Manuela’s guidance and support.  Christine

My name is Tania and a year ago I was told my breast cancer had returned after 4 and a half years. I was diagnosed as triple negative which was devastating. I did feel extremely worried and concerned about what the future held as far as treatments being successful. Manuela has been amazing. I’ve gone down the path of both mainstream and natural supplements. It has been a tough year but my last PET scan could not detect any cancer which is incredible. I’m very grateful for Manuela’s guidance with not only supplements but the nutrition side as well and all the excellent resources and information she has available for us on this journey. Never give up hoping and believing for a good result!


I started seeing Manuela two years ago, a few weeks after being diagnosed with CLL. I was told by doctors nothing could be done and to go home and wait. After the first dose of a herbal blend Manuela prescribed, a painful lump in my lymphatics  disappeared and I started feeling better. Since then we have worked step by step to get where where I am now, feeling better than I have in years, and recent blood tests confirm how strong I now am. Manuela has been an excellent support in helping me to understand and experience the balance between the natural and medical systems. My journey isn’t over but I know it will only get better. Thanks Manuela! 


“My name is Angela, and I am a young breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. At diagnosis, I felt that my world was falling apart, but I was always confident that this was not going to end bad for me, that is why I research for the best help and support I could get and found Manuela. This type of cancer is the most aggressive type of breast cancer. Luckily, I reached out to Manuela and her expertise in complementary medicine to support my body and spirit throughout this journey. I received aggressive chemotherapy and extensive surgery, but throughout this time, I received Manuela’s high-quality, individualised attention with a plan that undoubtedly made my health outcome positive. Her positive attitude and knowledge was always bringing the energy I needed to keep fighting. I had no doubts that with all the natural support I was receiving, I was going to be fine. Wellness through cancer can be done! I am grateful and happy, and life looks amazing right now! I will continue with Manuela's support as I found it absolutely necessary to have a Naturopath you can trust that can support you at any stage of our health journey”


I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Easter of 2021 - it was quite aggressive and advance so time was not on my side.. I don’t like taking pharmaceuticals and prior to diagnosis it was a stretch for me to take Panadol and suddenly here I was facing chemotherapy - needless to say, I was overwhelmed and so torn. I did my research, asked questions, spoke to some beautiful friends who are Naturopaths and firmly made the decision to move forward with chemo KNOWING I could do it walking hand in hand with the holistic support (following my values and supporting my body through the therapy with natural herbs and supplements) That’s where Manuela Boyle comes in - thank you


Just over 12 months ago, I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at 37. Along with my husband and two sons (aged 1 and 3) our lives changed forever. Facing cancer can, and does, feel like an uphill battle to say the least, but from the other side of treatment, I can say there is hope and joy and happy times ahead. I was fortunate to be introduced to Manuela part way through my “traditional” treatment. She kick-started a wave of positive change (and research) that my whole family is now benefiting from. I have worked very hard to be cancer free (yay!) but Manuela has guided me to better health, physically and emotionally.

Today, I can reflect on some of the changes that have led me to be in this position, aside from my medical intervention and testing. It seemed difficult at the start (trust me, with 2 small kids I have very limited time), but once I felt so amazing, that’s all the incentive I needed.

o   Diet overhaul: No gluten or diary, no added sugar and organic fresh produce and meat. Cooking everything from scratch.

o   Exercise: prioritising walking or Reformer Pilates into my days, mainly for my mental health and energy levels, and to prevent lymphedema.

o   Practicing gratitude and affirmations: we have incorporated this into our dinner routine - even the kids have a turn.

o   Deep breathing to assist with stress levels.

o   Other resources such as the Low Tox Life Podcast/Club - I have gained invaluable knowledge and empowerment from this alone.

I hope this provides some hope that this experience, as horrible and scary as it is, can bring some positive outcomes. We all deserve it! I will be forever grateful for the gift that Manuela has given me - being a healthy Mum again.


Hi Manuela,
I would like to take a moment to thank you for your kind and professional attention to my health condition. You have shared your wealth of knowledge with me. You leave no stone unturned in explaining every intricate detail to me. The information you provide gives me the knowledge I need to understand what cancer is, and how I can best care for my mind and body to help control it. You have taught me that my gut health is crucial to almost every health issue in my body and mind. Knowing this, I have learnt to be very aware of nutrition and what I feed my body to help keep my immune system in optimum condition.
I believe the mind is a very strong part of how our body reacts to repairing itself. I have watched wounds and injuries heal on the outer parts of my body, therefore my body is just as capable of healing on the inside. I have a friend who was a paraplegic and told he would never walk again. He refused to believe that, and with that determination and some hard work, he is now walking, with the aid of a walking stick, and nothing more than a slight limp. He knew he could do it.
I am not sick, I only have cancer. I refuse to allow it to control my life. I have had to make some changes to my life, but thanks to your expert guidance, they are changes that have improved my health and outlook on life. I now feel much better.
I believe, as you said, " the narrative we use plays a big part in how we respond to various situations." I do not see obstacles in life, only challenges. Every challenge I overcome makes me stronger, and more confident. Thanks to your help and encouragement, I do not believe I can overcome this cancer, I KNOW I can. For every negative, there is always a positive side. As hard as it may be sometimes. I will always look for the positive in every situation.
Thanks for your care and help.
Fourteen months ago I received a surprise diagnosis of an aggressive Stage 2 breast cancer which sent me into a terrible tailspin. Nearly all of my support network were adamant I should run with what the medical team recommended - chemo, surgery and radiation....
Of course I knew there were alternative approaches, but with the need to act wisely and decisively given that my life was in the balance.....I was hugely conflicted (as one with a background in the health care system myself), about whether I should dare to depart from the medically recommended pathway of treatment. Neither the natural nor medical approach could give any guarantees of the outcome. Whichever way I chose to go, I knew I would be kicking myself badly if it turned out, down the track, that I should've chosen the other way. And what level of (much-needed) support would I get if I defied the doctors and trusted some natural therapy, therapist or health clinic regime instead?
I was a praying Christian but felt like I was all at sea.
Long story short; although I had no real peace, I felt I had no better alternative than to go with the odds promised by a reputable Sydney breast cancer team - who were offering me a 70 percent chance of "cure" (I later learned that "cure" simply meant 5 yrs of clear reviews) and the least possible side effects (if I chose their recommended chemo regime), prior to surgery then radiotherapy and hormonal suppression tabs.
A total nightmare ensued - I will spare you the details. Suffice it to say that immediately following the first of four planned chemotherapy sessions, I experienced a barrage of extremely severe reactions necessitating several urgent hospitalisations and critical management; so was unable to progress further with the chemo. Had to now try and recover a while before I would even be fit enough for surgery. That's when I got desperate for more intense help and found out about Manuela's work. Slim chance of an appointment as Manuela was fully booked before an overseas assignment...but (thank the Lord!) I secured her only remaining time slot.
Although I could have stayed with my godmother who lived in the immediate vicinity of Manuela's clinic, I was too weak to fly there. So Manuela offered to consult with me via Skype (actually ended up doing FaceTime instead). I can't describe the huge relief I felt to be in the hands of an experienced and highly expert natural oncology practitioner, who was able to develop a thorough clinical understanding of my diagnosis and current situation via in depth collection of data, including the perusal and interpretation of complex pathology reports, haematology and biochemistry profiles, and imaging results; who was familiar with the actual drugs I'd been given and their side effects; who was also able to deeply empathise with and support me with the genuine love and care I so much needed, plus fast track my recovery with powerful pills and potions!
Manuela kept ably supporting me through an ensuing saga of surgeries - two failed attempts, before a third bout of surgery which (finally!) came back with an acceptable pathology report ("clear margins").
By this time I had had to cancel two whole legs of a long-awaited RTW trip and had been holding onto a skerrick of hope that I might still be able to do the final 21 day leg in Canada and Alaska. My scheduled flight date was now just three days after my third lot of surgery, and it was deemed inadvisable for me to depart in case complications arose. Notwithstanding, I had a strong feeling I was meant to go. So I managed to board the plane and flew to Canada (complete with stitch cutter and antibiotics in case of an infection). This break away was for me a phase of liberation and restoration, a therapeutic pause after all I had been through - one in which I could forget the past pain, and embrace afresh the vibrancy of life, and the beauty of nature.
Manuela was happy to continue offering me her support while I commenced a simple regime of a particular therapeutic product I had read about and wanted to try whilst overseas.
Immediately adjacent to my return, the medical team were anxious to simultaneously schedule more chemotherapy along with radiotherapy, believing it to be in my best interests. I was now feeling good and strong, and many, many prayers had by this time gone up on my behalf. But I just didn't feel confident to resume the medical pathway, (aside from the inevitable stress and discomfort, these treatments were aimed at reducing some risks but were adding some not-insignificant others), so I declined their recommendations and said I would trust God and pray my way forward. They bade me good luck (decidedly with tongue in cheek) and sent me packing with an imaging request and review appointment to occur in 12 months' time.
Walking out of the clinic that day felt strangely surreal. That night I went to my fellowship group, and declared in answer to their questioning, that I had ceased my medical therapy and would be relying on God (to guide me) from here on. Two particular verses of scripture independently spoken over/directed to me from several unsolicited sources over the next short while, made me feel affirmed in having made this choice.
Since then I have continued my simple therapeutic regime, supplemented with some of Manuela's recommended tablets and powders, and one or two others procured by my sister (who is a nutritional therapist), trusting for ongoing healing.
On a few occasions when I have experienced doubt and anxiety about strange pains, itches, lumps and sensations I have prayed and subsequently been encouraged. My most recent encouragement was receiving the results of my first annual review - all clear on the mammogram and ultrasound!! (More annual reviews to go but very thankful for that result and couldn't wait to convey this good news to Manuela).
Looking back.....Manuela at that time, was nothing short of a Godsend. So personable, caring, knowledgeable, positive, encouraging, helpful, flexible, and willing to incorporate my personal preferences into her treatment plans. (And she will never know how much I needed and valued her compassionate offer of a virtual hug here or there.)
Manuela was entirely comfortable to act in accordance with my wishes - whether that was in conjunction with my electing to continue with the medically endorsed treatment pathway, with her as a standalone natural oncology practitioner, or with her working in tandem with the medical team and/or other natural therapists. I never felt pressured or manoeuvred, just safe, calmed and supported. And I was so heartened to be able to discuss natural therapy options with someone who was conversant with them and confident regarding their use and efficacy, without feeling the need to persuade or make unrealistic promises to her client.
There was another sense in which Manuela played a most pivotal role in my journey. Having been blessed to be able to personally consult with an internationally respected and highly competent natural oncology practitioner who empathised, truly cared and understood what I was facing, experiencing, and having to deal with gave me renewed courage!... courage which enabled me to take back a measure of control and stand up for myself and for my poor (precious) mutilated body - not just resign myself to becoming a disempowered recipient of an assembly line of planned interventions with the likelihood of both expected and unexpected levels of discomfort and injury at every juncture, and still only a modest statistical probability of ultimate effectiveness.
I would highly recommend therapeutic consultation with Manuela to anyone searching for natural solutions - those wanting to optimise their health and immune status, those seeking improvement in a chronic or serious health ailment, and particularly to folk with deep and urgent health needs associated with a cancer condition - Manuela being someone who is highly skilled in negotiating and managing the complex diagnostic and treatment challenges one might encounter on the cancer journey, with a view to fostering and achieving positive outcomes.
Thankyou Manuela - I have been deeply nurtured by your kindness and expertise. Your input has been such an integral and indispensable part of my process of restoration. Your gentle and reassuring energy and enthusiasm which you somehow manage to transmit, is an oasis of comfort that inspires one to hope, and indeed.....there is hope.


"My name is Jenny. I am delighted to have been able to work with Manuela to deal with a diagnosis of breast cancer. Through her and her excellent network and resources I was able to have treatments and supplements to work with my personal situation. 8 weeks later I am so happy to now be on the other side of a very scary place. Blood tests and scans show that the cancer has gone. Indeed in this time of the virus all the immune boosting is perfect. Exactly what is needed! I am deeply grateful to Manuela. Thank you for helping me heal! YES! "

- Jenny 

"My name is Nicole. I've been very fortunate to be working with Manuela for the last 3 years. Manuela brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to many healing protocols, however Manuela has been my strength and guide through a colorectal cancer diagnosis in 2015 by taking an integrative approach to this healing. I chose not to go down the normal channels of chemotherapy and while still being monitored conventionally after a malignant tumor was removed from my sigmoid colon, I decided to approach my healing as a whole body experience, not just treat the symptom. When I first started with Manuela, I was so excited as she too shared my view on a holistic approach. Manuela's warmth, understanding and encouragement have helped considerably in my journey. She has brought a calming presence to the many consultations I have had with her, particularly when I have been a little stressed or worried in the earlier stage of my treatment. Over the last year, we have moved onto a more management plan, markers are still looking promising and I feel wonderful. Thank you, Manuela, from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done and continue to do for me and my family xx "

- Nicole 

"Before I spoke with Manuela about my cancer I was confused, scared and searching for someone who would consider my body together with my questions. My choice to have Manuela's direction changed my healing journey immediately. In speaking with her on an initial phone consult, from remote WA, I was granted stillness to honour healing my body, and secondly I was empowered. I felt safe and protected, not just emotionally, but with every cell in my body. Manuela produced a personalised regime to heal the cancer (triple negative breast cancer) throughout my body holistically. Appointments were spread over three different clinics, with Manuela's administration staff helping immensely to structure these with ease and kindness. I was supported and nourished through each appointment. Manuela has helped me navigate a path which best suits my body without having to make decisions based on fear. I only felt more empowered after each meeting with Manuela and each of her staff. Being in Manuela's presence is inspiring while she explains in detail the science behind disease and healing. I'm currently cancer free and doing ongoing work with Manuela to work on root causes of my cancer. I am still learning and loving this journey now that I have the right support beside me"

- Bianca 

"Dear Manuela, thank you very much for help. You are very kind and encouraging and have incredible, helpful knowledge and I really appreciate that you are so easy to talk with.  I also appreciated your kind words during our consultations. It has been quite a journey and I am thankful that the 'treatment' part is over and I can start on the next part of building myself up again and detoxing and trying that new diet you mentioned.  It sounds like fun.having lots of energy again! Kind regards."

- Gina

"My name is Michelle. Manuela is a Master in her trade and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  She has been my saving grace. In 2018 I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer Due to my mother passing only 6 months prior to my own diagnosis with a similar breast cancer I decided to have a double mastectomy.  After watching my mother go through her own breast cancer battle for 16 years and the toll that conventional medicine had on her  I had decided to ask all the questions that she didn't and look a lot deeper into our family history and also my own lifestyle and wellbeing   especially when I found that conventional medicine had no real answers past chemotherapy, radiation and tamoxifen. I was floored.  And I was left with a gut feeling there had to be more. After the mastectomy I started my wellness journey with diet, psychology and exercise plus nutritional support for the first few months and then thanks to a referral 6 months down the track I was guided towards meeting Manuela.  I loved that Manuela took 2 hours that first visit to 'listen to me' something I felt no one had really done up until that moment.  She assured me, made me feel secure in her knowledge and the path ahead that she would then guide me to.  I walked out of my first interview feeling satisfied for the first time since my diagnosis and that my gut feeling was correct (there was definitely a lot more that could be done).  Manuela guided me to a path of treatments, diet and supplements for a period of 7 weeks My cancer markers have significantly decreased and I intend to be and stay cancer-free."

- Michelle

"My husband has been dealing with an overactive thyroid for a few years now and he also developed a goitre. He managed to keep his thyroid under control with diet and supplements but he was starting to lose muscle and this was directly due to his thyroid so we made the decision to have it removed as well as the goitre. It came as a complete shock to us when the doctor said they found a 4cm tumour inside the goitre, a biopsy had never picked it up previously. It was a traumatic time as we only went in for a routine surgery to then being offered radiation and radioactive iodine as treatments. We did all the treatments as well and they said we just had to wait for 6 months to see if everything was ok. Well we decided we didn't want to just wait and that's when we learnt of Manuela. Working alongside the endocrinologist, Manuela has been able to integrate natural therapies alongside conventional treatments too and what we really appreciate is the balance between both treatments. Six months later and after the CT scan things are heading in the right direction and initially the endocrinologist's recommendation was to have more treatment but after seeing the results she said it was not needed so it was a great result for us. Diet has also been a big part of Manuela's treatments and avoiding sugars and eating much more plant based has really helped along with Supplements and Manuela's secret brew which my husband has daily. His energy levels are much better and has lost over 10 kilos which has been a boost to his health. We will continue to work with Manuela and the endocrinologist to have the positive results. We value Manuela's input and trust she has our best interests. If you do choose to work with Manuela you will be in great hands! Thanks again Manuela for everything you do and for your caring and personable nature."

- Sophie C

"My name is Juan. A 37 y/o father of a magnificent 4 year old and married to the most beautiful Polish women ever. Have been diagnosed with a Neurocytoma of the Central Nervous  System and have been having Skype sessions with Manuela for treatment and Diet, and how to overcome this thing called Cancer. I have also been to her Clinic in The Gold Coast, for alternative treatments and it was great, felt great, and gave me huge boost  to keep on going. I started treatment about  a year ago with Manuela. Changing my diet and rethinking and establishing what I cold eat or Not, the type of natural nutritional supplements and herbal drinks that I should take to increase immunity levels to help fight back the Cancer. Since I have been working with Manuela my life style has taken an entirely different approach as to how to fight back with nutrition and balance of oils and minerals from nature.New hope and feeling more in control of my life has given me more strength to keep on going strong in life. Contacting Manuela has probably been the reason of my health improvement and very good life style at the moment, Thank you for that. Thank you!"

- Juan

"Hi my name is Teonie, my Mum Ronda has been seeing Manuela for the past 2 months.  Mum was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer with multiple metastases in May which shook our family to the core. The very word cancer incites despair, whether from past experience or from the absolute death sentence that "conventional" medicine wants you to believe it is. From the very beginning, Manuela was able to put our minds at ease. She took ample time to explain what was happening with Mum and what we could do to overcome this illness. Because overcome it, you can! The latest scans indicate tumour shrinkage and the reduction of cancer markers! Manuela has been an endless source of information and support and most importantly, she has given us hope and for that, I will be ever grateful."

- Teonie

"My name is Barbara and I was diagnosed mesothelioma of the right pleural cavity, a terminal cancer, several months ago. When I was diagnosed, my world changed.  To be told you have anything cancer is horrific at best, to be told its terminal, "nothing we can do", your life is shattered, your guts ripped apart, you hit the ground and keep going through it! I'm not kidding you, it has to be one of the most personal and horrific ordeals anybody is faced with, what do I do?? So, I took control, of my life, my health, and my feelings. I had been referred to Manuela by a distant relative. I had my appointment the day before Manuela's appearance, so in my husband and I went, shaken, stirred, and flattened to the ground, but what I heard made the tears clear for us both.  "Cancer is NOT a Death Sentence"!!! Manuela nurtured us both actually at that moment, she held my hand, hugged us both, and said 'well, we have the fight to take on, we can do it, let's get started", and we did.  I started immediately on my tonic, can I say I love it..YES! Not for its taste, Nooo, but for what it's able to do in the body! I took on being responsible for my health care. I took control of me, myself & I. Manuela guided me through everything. Well, here I am, its now coming up to 8 months, past the date given by the specialist and the surgeon, I AM WELL! I am the best I have been in many years in fact. I had the first 6 month follow-up tests done in February, which showed that there had been NO CHANGE since diagnosis! My bloods were showing a healthy woman!!! I felt like I was flying, I had energy plus, felt extremely well, and very happy. Manuela explained to me just what the body had to do to get this first confirmation of no changes, that my body had been fighting, and its due to the tonic, the diet, the supplements, the continuous support from my husband, friends, & Manuela (who has become part of the woodwork in the family). Please, put your care team together, take charge of your health rights, take charge of you. Accept that for whatever reason your body is where it is, deal with it, DON'T OWN IT, and move onwards, set your goals and fight for them, because YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!!!"

- Barbara

"My name is Jim I have prostate cancer, I have had treatment and been clear for 7 years. Six months ago on my usual yearly check my p.s.a rose. I went back 3 months later and it had increased again. Rather than going back on the hormone injections which had awful side effects  I chose to visit Manuela. This was on the advice of my daughter who is a hairdresser and had heard of positive outcomes from two of her clients. I have religiously followed the diet recommended and taken the herbal mixture. On visiting my doctor on Monday my  p.s.a. reading has gone down so no need for further treatment at this stage IT HAS WORKED. I will keep following the diet and  don't go back to the oncologist for 4 months. I am very positive."

- Jim

"My name is Jenny and I am a Naturopath in regional NSW, Australia. I have been married for several years and thought that due to our lifestyle, my husband and I were immune from severe disease. It was a real shock to learn that my husband had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I reached out to seek the advice of Manuela and would like to recognise her great professional care during this stressful time. Giving my husband a second chance at life was the greatest gift I have ever received. I am ecstatic that he will be able to live a terrific life with my husband. This whole experience of cancer being so close to our family has truly given me a firsthand feel of how precious life is."

- Jenny

"My name is Diane. My husband Stuart was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer metastatic to the liver. The MD gave Stuart the "all clear" this morning and then we spoke (phone consultation) with Manuela Boyle the expert in integrative oncology on the Gold Coast we have been under, whom we heard about through watching the DVD series (mentioned below) this afternoon. She has been our primary health care professional from the beginning of Stuart's brush with cancer. Manuela gave Stuart the total "all clear" as well. I had emailed the test results to her after receiving them from the doctor this morning. She is absolutely stoked! Said she was going to break open the champagne!! What an absolute champion she is! It was a total miracle that we were able to get into see her so very quickly. God truly "made our path clear" in this. Gallbladder cancer is very rare (so rare it is not covered by Medicare!!) and aggressive and, together with the metastasis to the liver, Stuart was given 6 months by the hospital doctors in February/March 2016. We praise God for already preparing us with "The Truth About Cancer" DVDs last year so when Stuart was told this bad news this year we knew that, with different treatment and living "in Him" (Rev Peter Tamsett's message (directly from God to us!!) at the end of January Gilgandra NSW Presbyterian when we were en route home from Whyalla), he would come through. Honestly we never expected the first "cancer clear" would only be 6 weeks later with no allopathic intervention at all except the endoscopic removal of the gallstone stuck in his bile duct on the 8th February and now, in 4 months, a total "all clear". No need for any further extreme natural therapies to reactivate his immune system either just continuing to build it up on the course he is on although he can relax a whole lot of what he was doing. We pray we will never totally go back to old bad nutrition and lifestyle habits not that we were ever totally off course either and to keep stress levels down, which was the catalyst in this. Our lifestyle is now is sooo much better! Hallelujah!! Stuart is still building up the muscle tone he lost and he is regaining strength daily. Again hallelujah!!!"

- Diane

"My name is Steve. Fifteen months ago my wife Del was knocking on heaven's door and according to all the medical experts, it was a one-way ticket. Her blood cancer count was over 670,000, the spread of cancers were so large and numerous that her stomach had been squashed 'pancake flat", and at best the oncologist felt that she had a few months left. The two main cancers were both 15cms long and thriving. My wife was given a round of significantly heavy chemotherapy that also killed her. She was so sick that we had to interrupt the treatment. Instead we went and see Manuela. Slowly but consistently my wife regained energy and well being. The diet and lifestyle changes, with a careful selection of medicinal herbs and oils made an amazing difference. We fed the immune system daily. Oxygen therapy was also introduced wot much advantage. The full program was applied and she continues on a life of joy. She was supposed to die within a few weeks. She is still here with all of us, a brilliant artist that she is. After a 9 month treatment, Del is completely cancer free."

- Steve

"My name is Leo. In June of 2005 I was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer with a PSA reading of 260. For the first ten years after diagnosis I maintained a good quality of life with diet, exercise and supplementation together with intermittent and, later, continuous hormone therapy (zoladex)  In 2012 the cancer was spreading locally to bladder and bowel and so I had radiotherapy (IMRT). The PSA started to rise significantly in mid 2015. At that time the PSA was 1440 ( had been 1690 prior to going to visit her). The decrease of the PSA continued on steadily and it is now a miraculous 5.2.  Obviously it is early days and time needs to elapse before it can be said to be full remission. I have no doubt that Manuela's program has contributed significantly to this result. I understand that with natural healing as opposed to conventional medicine the situation can get worse before it gets better as it appears to have done in my case. I have the utmost admiration for Manuela. Her knowledge, experience and professionalism are beyond reproach not to mention her determined and caring nature.  She has always encouraged an integrative (with conventional medicine) approach to my treatment and was encouraging me to go on abiraterone some months before I did . I am pain free and feel the best I  have felt in years for which I am truly grateful."

- Leo

"My name is Doris.  At the insistence of a friend, I made an appointment to see Manuela Boyle. I was attracted by her unassuming manner and practical approach, I had stage four breast cancer which was metastasising in my lungs. I have always been treated warmly and professionally. Kindness has always been tangible. After some weeks of following specific lifestyle changes and a lot of herbal medicine, I had a CT scan which was clear of tumours, a very encouraging sign. Manuela has given me hope for an unexpected extension of life. Thank you!"

- Doris

"My husband was diagnosed with a high-grade Glioma malignant brain tumour on the 23/12/15 at age 32.  This was a sudden diagnosis following a grand-mal seizure a month earlier.  No prior medical issues or symptoms. The news was devastating for our young family especially since we were told by a team of neurosurgeons that the tumour is inoperable and that conventional treatment would only buy him a bit more time. At this point, I needed to act quickly as the prognosis was not good.  Following successful surgery performed by Professor Charlie Teo (Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney) we were reluctant to go down the road of radiation and chemotherapy so we went to see Manuela on the Gold Coast. After the initial consultation with Manuela we left feeling full of optimism and hope.  Her professional knowledge together with her caring nature has been invaluable along our journey.  She has been instrumental in giving day-to-day living advice to achieve optimal health and mental wellbeing.  My husband has gone from strength to strength and is now in remission.  Back to life as we knew it, thanks to our team who are 'heaven sent'."

- Jayne

"My name is Patrice. I have always considered myself to be a healthy, strong person.  I ate well, hardly ever having takeouts, with salads at each evening meal.  I was a busy hard working person at the age of 61 when this happened running my in-home care business, enjoying providing excellence in caring for the elderly and proud to be offering my 16 caregivers fulfilling gainful employment. I have always been a "doer" who stood up for others, especially those being bullied or simply ignored.  I found both my family and working life very satisfying. A work colleague mentioned at lunch that I looked tired, and I passed it off as my busy lifestyle and maybe also that I thought I may have another UTI.  I promised her I would visit a doctor.  The doctors appointment had me leaving his office with the advice to purchase some "degas" for my tummy, but he also was wise enough to give me a referral for a pelvic and abdominal scan. With the urging of my friend I went and had the scans 1st February 2014.  A mass was observed on my left ovary the size of a small melon.  On my return visit to the Dr he viewed the scan and asked my husband, Steve and I to leave his office while he made a few phone calls.  He had made an urgent appointment for me to see a Gynecologist who had helped his wife recently, for that very same day.  I was given a referral to get an urgent CT scan done, and to take the results straight away that same afternoon to the Gynecologist. This Doctor cut straight to the chase after a physical check and viewing of the CT scan advising she would not know what it was until after an operation to remove it. She then took us through all what that operation would entail and gained my approval to do what was necessary to remove.   It was Friday 7th February and I was booked to have the operation Wednesday 12th February.  Our first grandchild had been born the day before on 6th. The Doctor performed a complete debunking operation and the day after visited me to advise I had ovarian cancer stage 2C.  She also said I would need to do a course of chemotherapy to "mop up" what was left in the bloods.  I was shocked. I told her I did not want to do chemotherapy and would prefer my body heal itself using natural therapies.  She barked back at me "natural therapies do not work Patrice".  My husband was there at the time, and we both felt intimidated and slightly bullied. She said she works with an Oncologist and that she would refer me to him for an appointment the next week.  I was in hospital for 7 days and visited this Doctor's office on the Thursday following. This Doctor took us through the chemo regime he would be putting me on specific chemotherapy drugs for a total of 18 weeks.  We were ushered into their information session along with others whereby someone spoke to us while we viewed a DVD on chemotherapy treatment.  I remember how proud they were of the fact the taxane drugs used were derived from the bark of the yew tree! So begun my 18 weeks of chemo.  I was lucky in a way as I only completed 16 due to the fact my white blood count was so low, I had to have blood transfusions instead for two of them.  The whole procedure was demeaning, and had me feeling like a victim helpless. I just seemed to be getting over it and then I had to go in for another treatment.  I hated the smell of it coming out of every pore and aperture of my body.  I was constantly constipated, and weak.  Of course my hair fell out and my feet and finger tips lost feeling.  The feeling has not returned.  I also have cataracts because of chemo. After chemo I did my best to regain my health and immune system.   I decided to have the mercury amalgams replaced in my mouth (12 in all) as well as 4 root canals removed.  Fast forward to May 2016, on one of my regular check-up with this Doctor I was told of a raised tumour indicator in a blood test I had never had before.  A CT scan was done and two tumours in my bowel, and one more in a lymph node nearby were diagnosed.   This oncologist appeared almost victorious when he pushed the results to my side of the desk claiming that I might be needing him again after all.  I guess I deserved that having boldly told him the past few check ups, that I would never have chemo again.  He said to Steve and I .. "sorry to spoil your retirement"!   He wanted me straight back on chemo the very next week, with radiation therapy in between.  If I were to become chemo resistant I may qualify for an experimental drug program.  At any rate he told me I had a chronic illness that I would never get rid of, and the best they could do was this course of action, which may reduce the tumours by 50%.   I did say to him "why would I want to do that course if it had already proven unsuccessful, and it would kill my immune system, the very thing I needed to get well again!"  He had no answer and was very evasive when I asked him if he would do it if he were me.  My tumours were inoperable as well.  Therefore, I searched for a Naturopath to help me to regain some strength. Manuela talked me through the way in which she worked with natural remedies, and as a lot of what she spoke of, I had researched quite a bit already, I was encouraged and hopeful.  I immediately went on a ketogenic diet.  No sugar, potatoes, bread, pasta or packaged foods, just whole foods HFLC (high fat low cabs).  Manuela prescribed a myriad of different supplements along with a large bottle of herbal mixture, which we nicknamed her "witches brew". Fast-forward to January 2017.  Having been on this regime since mid-May 2016, I was now ready for a CT scan again to see just how well I was doing. I am doing great and feeling wonderful! My thanks and admiration go to Manuela, who gave me the belief, coaching and support to do this, I am so very grateful."

- Patrice

"My name is Coral. I was diagnosed with breast cancer (E+ P+ and HR2+). After I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer I did not know what to do, but what I did know is that traditional treatments of chemo etc was something that I was not contemplating, so I went on the search for a natural treatment. The moment I talked to  Manuela, I knew that coming over for treatment was the right thing for me to do. I will be forever grateful that following her regime of supplements, herbal tonics, and diet has worked for me.  Once again I would like to thank Manuela and her team from the bottom of my heart"

- Coral

Dear Manuela, I would like to thank you so much for the continued help and support you have given me during probably the most difficult time in my life. I was diagnosed with a very rare kind if cancer one year ago, on the 23rd May 2016, 4 days before I was to leave on an overseas holiday. With this rare gall bladder cancer, there is no chemo available that targets it. I would have chosen an alternative pathway anyway, but, in this case, I had no choice. I am so glad that I did. After following the protocols suggested by you I feel great at the moment and cancer is not something I really worry myself about. I still follow certain procedures but that is not difficult. I wake up every morning feeling so lucky that I found your health clinic. The genuine and caring support that I was shown to me Manuela is outstanding. When I had amazing results from my blood test I was overwhelmed to see the genuine joy and emotion that was displayed by you. Not many people survive this cancer but I guess I am one of the few. I am now leaving on my overseas holiday on the 1st June this year. I have also been lucky enough to see my twin grandchildren enter the world and the birth of another new little grandson. My life is amazing and I could not be happier because of you and the positive support I was given.  I have total confidence in being monitored by your clinic in the future to continue on my path to wellness.  Sincere thanks to all concerned Frances"

- Frances

My name is Michele I was 56  when I was diagnosed with squamous cell esophageal cancer. After having chemo-radiation, an extensive esophagectomy operation then chemo, I was advised not to take any form of vitamins or supplements while receiving this treatment. As a result I lost  all my hair, had no appetite due to food losing it's taste, having to take medications for reflux & nausea pain killers. My diet had become very minimal due to the pain most foods would cause me due to the operation. While receiving Chemo-radiation I ended up in the hospital for a week unable to complete my full course of Chemo. During & months after all this treatment, I had no energy & felt run down, tired & depressed. Two years later I have been diagnosed with a Terminal & that now mainstream can only offer me Palliative Care. That is when I decided to look up Manuela Boyle. I finished my Chemo-radiation in Dec 2016 while under the care of Manuela the difference between this time & last was like night & day! I retained my hair & my taste for food everything still tasted great! I didn't lose my appetite I stayed out of the hospital & was able to have my full course of radiation & chemo. It wasn't until the end of my treatment I started feeling tired & now I would never consider any mainstream treatments without the assistance of Manuela. I would also like to add I had no other medications like painkillers, nausea tablets, or acid reflux tablets & haven't felt depressed.  The results of my last PET scan speak volumes as I was told I had a 30% chance that the chemo & radiation would shrink the tumour or lymph node & that Chemo alone would do nothing. I had one tumour that received the radiation which meant that the lymph node which only received chemo should have spread! Instead, the tumour has shrunk less than half the size & there is no sign of the lymph node! I couldn't have hoped for a better result & can't speak highly enough of Manuela, needless to say, I am still under her care & would recommend her to anyone diagnosed with cancer, it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made"

- Michele

"My name is Rhonda and I was diagnosed with endometrial carcinoma. I am writing just a brief note to thanks Manuela for all that she has done for me. Manuela's support & knowledge has been wonderful. I am so happy to have such great results from my treatments. I am also so grateful to her staff  who were so helpful & kind with all my visits. Once again thank you I will always be grateful & would recommend your treatments"

- Rhonda

"(My name is Sophie and I was diagnosed with breast cancer). Dear Manuela, A heartfelt thank you. When I first came to see you, I was fraught with fear.  You guided me with gentle strength and helped me connect back with the trust I have in my body's ability to heal.  You shared your knowledge in easy-to-understand language and offered comprehensive health tests that allowed me to better grasp what was going on and take back control of my health. For me, this personal re-empowerment around my health was an important aspect of my healing. Knowing the steps I could take for myself, plus the health optimising treatment choices you offer and your emotional support has helped bring me back to a state of health, for which I am very grateful. I hope you continue to spread your knowledge and gifts far and wide Manuela! Thank you simple words that mean so much to you and your wonderful team."

- Sophie

"My name is Andy.  I was diagnosed with non small cell adenocarcinoma lung cancer stage IV in 2008.  I had a lobectomy followed by 6 months of chemotherapy with no remission. Four years later, the cancer grew bigger and I was put on maintenance chemotherapy. After almost three years on this treatments I decided to stop it. I felt that my body was slowly deteriorating because of the chemotherapy. A few months later, one of my vocal cords became paralysed, making it extremely difficult for me to talk. One year later the cancer grew bigger and my wife started researching for complementary medicine options and found Manuela. I had previous treatments in Australia for 5 weeks but the cancer was still growing. Manuela suggested to me to get treatments overseas at an integrative oncology clinic. After effectively 2 weeks of treatments, my voice has significantly improved. Manuela' s determination gives me confidence and her caring attitude towards her patients is comforting."

- Andy

"I was diagnosed with cancer of the right breast (invasive carcinoma grade 3, ER 40%) at age 69. My name is Silvana. Within 3 days I was in surgery for a lumpectomy. I was offered the standard practice of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After researching I decided that chemo and radiotherapy were not producing effective results, so I opted for natural treatment. The oncologist said that natural therapies do not work and that the chemo was necessary to kill any other cancer that was left in the blood. With the help of Manuela my treatment included fasting, ketogenic diet and supplements. My blood test showed no cancer cells. I would like to thank Manuela for her all support and knowledge. May God bless you."

- Silvana

"Yesterday marked one year since I had my last Chemotherapy. I just wanted to thank you, Manuela, for your support and wisdom in helping me get through that period relatively unscathed. I was never sick, and actually felt really good overall, and I have you to thank for that. I just wish I had the courage to have said no to chemo to begin with! So much respect, thanks again for your help with everything, you're an amazing person and practitioner!"

- Rebecca


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