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Air Pollution ― Second Leading Cause of Lung Cancer

Posted by Geoff Beaty on 18 September 2021
Air Pollution ― Second Leading Cause of Lung Cancer
Air pollution is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the world, after smoking, results of a novel analysis suggest.  The new data show that the rate of lung cancer deaths attributable to air pollution varies widely between countries. Serbia, Poland, China, Mongolia, and Turkey are among the worst affected. The analysis shows an association between deaths from lung cancer and the proportion of national energy that is produced from coal. "Both smoking and air pollution are ...
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Dirty Dozen #1: BPA

Posted by Geoff Beaty on 5 September 2021
Dirty Dozen #1: BPA
There is no end to the tricks that endocrine disruptors can play on our bodies: increasing production of certain hormones; decreasing production of others; imitating hormones; turning one hormone into another; interfering with hormone signalling; telling cells to die prematurely; competing with essential nutrients; binding to essential hormones; accumulating in organs that produce hormones. Some may say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but do you really want a chemical ...
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Can Lung Cancer Be Related to Air Pollution?

Posted by Geoff Beaty on 17 July 2021
Can Lung Cancer Be Related to Air Pollution?
A report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), found that in 2010, air pollution was responsible for 223,000 deaths from lung cancer worldwide. The findings were so striking that they prompted the agency, a part of the World Health Organization (WHO), to classify outdoor air pollution as a carcinogen a cancer-causing agent for the first time. In parts of the world where air pollution is particularly severe, breathing outdoor air poses a similar lung cancer risk to...
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