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Dirty Dozen #2: Dioxin

Posted by Geoff Beaty on 12 September 2021
Dirty Dozen #2: Dioxin

Dioxins are multi-taskers… but not in a good way!

They form during many industrial processes when chlorine or bromine are burned in the presence of carbon and oxygen.

Dioxins can disrupt the delicate signalling systems of male and female sex hormones in the body.

This is a bad thing!

Here’s why:

Recent research has shown that exposure to low levels of dioxin in the womb and early in life can permanently affect sperm quality and lower sperm count in men during their prime reproductive years. But that’s not all!

Dioxins are very long-lived, build up both in the body and in the food chain, are powerful carcinogens and can also affect the immune and reproductive systems.

That’s pretty difficult, since the ongoing industrial release of dioxins has meant that the food supply is contaminated.

Products including meat, fish, milk, eggs and butter are most likely to be contaminated.

You can cut down on your exposure by eating fewer animal products or eating organic and bio-dynamic foods.

Author:Geoff Beaty
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