Recovery into enduring wellness

Prevention & Recovery

Helping you to thrive into enduring wellness after the conclusion of cancer treatments is our goal. At Vitawell Wellness we understand that an optimised immune system comes from a foundation of basics. Quality of sleep, exercise, enjoying nature, and practising meditation are incredibly important elements to aid in your recovery.

Our holistic approach focuses on rebuilding all the components that form your unique profile, from weight and movement to mind-body connection; from good energy to healthy weight; from sleep to finding happiness in small things.  Recovery also depends upon restoring imbalances in your immune system, nervous system, neurotransmitters, gut health, adrenal and hormonal systems. At Vitawell Wellness we will provide you with the essential tools and the appropriate program to achieve and to maintain optimal health and enduring wellness.

Recovery and wellness after cancer treatment on the Gold Coast
Burned or Browned Foods
6 October 2022
Have you ever left a meal in the oven for too long or set the toaster too high? Maybe you’ve fried something in a pan and really fried it. Burning food is a common occurrence — but can these seemingly minor incidents put you at an increased risk of developing cancer? Carcinogens in foods
Certain foods, when cooked at a high temperature, form natural chemicals that are classified as probable carcinogens, but studies suggest that these “likely” carcinogens are actually ...
Artifical Sweetners Liniked To Higher Health Risk
11 September 2022
The study, published Sept. 7 in The BMJ journal, included over 103,000 French adults who participated in a web-based nutrition study. The average age of participants at the start was 42 years and almost 80% were female. At the start of the study, people filled out questionnaires about their diet, health, physical activity, and personal information such as education, smoking status, and occupation. They also completed multiple dietary assessments at the beginning of the study and every 6 mon...
Jarlsberg Cheese Prevents Bone Thinning
14 August 2022
Cheese often gets a bad rap for its high calorie count and fat content. But when consumed in small portions, cheese — particularly Jarlsberg cheese — can help preserve bone health. A small comparative clinical trial, published in BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health, shows that a small daily portion of Jarlsberg cheese helps ward off bone thinning (osteopenia/osteoporosis) — without raising harmful low-density cholesterol. The benefits appear to be limited to Jarlsberg che...
Exercise For Cancer Survivorship Of Breast Cancer
29 July 2022
Exercise helps patients regain arm mobility more quickly after breast cancer surgery
A new study indicates that physical therapy can help women receiving a lymph node dissection for breast cancer regain full use of their affected arm more rapidly than current standard follow-up care. Many women who are treated for breast cancer receive a lymph node dissection, which is a surgery to remove lymphatic tissue between the breast and underarm. When lymph nodes are removed or damaged, fluid can bui...
Genetic Link Adds to Gut-Brain Axis Theory in Alzheimer's Disease
27 July 2022
A world-first Edith Cowan University (ECU) study has confirmed the link between the two, which could lead to earlier detection and new potential treatments. Alzheimer's disease (AD) destroys memory and thinking ability and is the most prevalent form of dementia. Previous observational studies have suggested a relationship between AD and gastrointestinal tract disorders, but what underpins these relationships had been unclear -- until now. ECU's Centre for Precision Health has now p...
7 Ways to Maintain Perspective When You Feel Defeated
21 July 2022
Disappointment is a normal aspect of life, and it does not discriminate. Whether you’re rich or poor, educated or not, young or old, disappointment happens and it knows no bounds. A sense of loss, disappointment, and defeat is the result. Without such emotion, we wouldn’t be able to truly savour the taste of victory or bask in the glow of accomplishment and success when it does happen. In many ways, it keeps us real, true, and humble — and can also keep us motivated.  ...


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