Have you just been diagnosed with Cancer

Have you just been diagnosed with Cancer?

VitaWell Integrative Cancer Care focuses on natural medicine and treatments which are highly qualified drawing on extensive training, years of clinical practice and ongoing review of hundreds of published peer reviewed research papers.

Working together, cancer treatments and natural medicine are proven to be effective right from the start of your diagnosis. For example, it is common to suffer with chemotherapy or radiation therapy or surgery side-effects quite immediately. At this point, VitaWell Integrative Cancer Care Therapies provide target support aimed at restoring your wellbeing and at improving the outcome of your cancer treatments.

Vitawell Integrative Cancer Care Therapies focus on all aspects of your health with a holistic approach that is evidence-based, safe and effective.

Have you just been diagnosed with Cancer

We believe that each person has a remarkable capacity for recovery and self-healing, and a major focus of our supportive therapies is to promote this capacity.

We honour every person's unique biochemical individuality, knowing that you have the right to health care that is appropriate and that is respective respectful of your personal preferences and dignity.

Every person has the right to choose freely among safe and effective care.

We trust that good health care emphasises self-care and early intervention for maintaining and promoting health.

We strongly support strong partnership and teamwork with you (the patient), health care practitioners (conventional and allied health), and researchers committed to creating optimal healing environments.

At Vitawell Integrative Cancer Care Therapies we endeavour to strengthen your body, including (especially) the immune system, before, during, and after conventional cancer treatments; to enhance the power of conventional therapies to kill cancer cells; to help protect healthy cells; to reduce side effects from conventional cancer treatments; to stimulate the body's natural anti-cancer defences; to reduce inflammation, angiogenesis, and other factors that may contribute to a cancer friendly environment in the body; to support the mind and spirit before, during, and after conventional cancer treatments.

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  • The Institute for Functional Medicine
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