Interview: Manuela Boyle

Posted on 22 September 2020

Interview: Manuela Boyle is an interview with our very own Manuela Boyle from The Art of Healing.

"Manuela Boyle PhD MHSc MPhil NMD FIO is a world-renowned integrative medicine oncologist who has a fellowship from the University of Arizona, United States, and master degrees from the University of Queensland and the University of New England, Australia. Manuela has over 20 years of clinical experience as an international consultant (particularly with cancer patients) and is the creator of the evidence-based Inspired Cancer Care Program. She is also a sought-after author and speaker and was recently accepted as an external expert by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control in Stockholm, Sweden, an honorary position that aims to "provide independent scientific opinions, expert advice, data and information" and "to maintain scientific excellence at all times through the best expertise available." The Art of Healing spoke to Manuela about her life, and her current work and progress with cancer patients."

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Author:Manuela Boyle
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