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If You're Taking Up the Veganuary Challenge, Here's How to Do It, Safely

Posted by Manuela Boyle on 1 January 2022
If You're Taking Up the Veganuary Challenge, Here's How to Do It, Safely

A vegan is identified as someone who chooses to live their life free of animal products, in terms of both their diet and general lifestyle. As well as refraining from eating meat and fish, vegans opt out of egg yolk, dairy products, or any other product that originates from an animal – honey is out.

5 things to know, before you become vegan
Before you quit all animal products, let us give you the 101 on what happens when you make a switch to a vegan diet.

1. Hunger games
Vegans tend to have lower blood- sugar levels and a lower risk of type-2 diabetes. Plus, plant protein is linked with improved insulin regulation, meaning you’re less likely to reach for the biscuit tin for a mid- afternoon boost.

2. B Wise
Be aware that some nutrients are harder to come by on a vegan diet, such as vitamin B12. It isn’t produced by plants, so the Vegan Society recommends taking a 10mcg supplement daily. Alternatively, get it via fortified cereals and alt-milk products, including soy, oat and almond.

3. Gut feeling
Your gut microbes’ favourite nutrient is dietary fibre. A diet rich in fibre has been shown to keep weight in check and boost your mood, too.

4. Shelf life
Loading up on fruit and vegetables will sustain you in the (really) long term, cutting your risk of heart disease by up to 42%. Multiple studies show that vegan diets are also more effective than typical Western diets at lowering cholesterol levels. There’s even evidence to suggest a plant-based diet could help ease arthritis.

5. Build muscles
Vitamin D helps to regulate calcium in the body. A lack of both can lead to issues with bone density and muscle weakness. Regardless of your training goals, make sure you’re getting enough of these nutrients – from pulses and dried (unsweetened) fruit 

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