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Functional Testing to discover the root cause of the disease

Posted by Geoff Beaty on 23 June 2021
Functional Testing to discover the root cause of the disease
Conventional medical testing like conventional medicine addresses acute, advanced illnesses that have already manifested themselves. As a result, vague and undiagnosed symptoms may go on for monthsor even yearsbefore a chronic condition fully develops.

Conventional testing and evaluation does not take into account the many individual factors that lead to disease. Diet, stress, and lifestyle are rarely discussed or evaluatedor even considered relevant in making a diagnosis.

The truth is that every person has a unique biochemistry based on many factors, such as genetics, diet, environmental exposure to chemicals and metals, lifestyle, and psychological as well as physical stress.

Functional testing helps identify your unique biochemical makeup and the potential for degenerative disease, in order to prevent it from happening in the first place.

While a standard medical test may reveal that "everything is within the normal range" because there truly is no existing pathology functional testing identifies the many physiological precursors that lead to chronic conditions and degenerative diseases.A functional analysis also looks at the values that fall between pathological ranges, those that are considered sub-clinical; these may indicate the beginning stages of disease or dysfunction.

These subclinical results may indicate that something is not as good as it should be; or they can be a sign of a developing condition that is not bad enough to treat medicallyat least not yet. These subclinical results, on interpretation, often appear to relate to the symptoms that the patient is suffering from.

It's important to note that functional testing is only one part of a comprehensive health and wellness assessment performed by an experienced healthcare professional.

A thorough evaluation of the results by your healthcare professional is crucial in designing a detailed, individualized map for disease prevention and/or recovery.

Furthermore, functional testing does not usually lead to a "quick medical fix." It requires you to work closely with us health care professionals to resolve the identified problems which may have been present for a long time. Sticking to the plan you develop with us is crucial to the success of a well-designed map for recovery and good health.

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