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Digestion during Cancer Treatments

Posted by Geoff Beaty on 10 July 2021
Digestion during Cancer Treatments
Our digestive system can be impacted by many factors including:

Chemotherapy drugs


Gastrointestinal health conditions

Side effects of pharmaceuticals

Other health conditions influencing gut health

Preservatives and additives present in food

Incorrect preparation of food alongside microbes present in food

The constant presence of the above means that our detoxification pathways need to be working at their best all the time. Detoxification specifically means the combined ability of the liver, urinary, digestive, respiratory and integumentary (skin) system to eliminate any harmful compounds that are created within or enter the body.

Although our natural detoxification ability should be able to eliminate enough harmful compounds to keep us healthy, in today's world there is an excess of exposure from multiple sources that can overwhelm our natural detoxification pathways. These sources include not only the foods we eat but also the chemicals in the products and the environment around us.

Although a range of dietary and lifestyle changes can help support detoxification, the wide range of chemical and toxin overload in our environment can make supplements necessary, especially when digestive conditions such as indigestion, malabsorption, diarrhoea, constipation, food sensitivities and others are also present. At Vitawell, we use a  a silica-based binder that can adsorb a range of harmful chemicals from within the digestive tract and help to eliminate from the body.

It can help with:

Easing diarrhoea
Preventing or reducing toxic reactions
Relieving symptoms of indigestion
Removing toxins and irritants from the body
Protecting the intestinal wall to promote healing leading to greater detoxification ability overall.

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